Thelema NOW! Crowley, Ritual & Magick
Thelema NOW! Crowley, Ritual & Magick is a monthly podcast, produced with the support of Ordo Templi Orientis USA Grand Lodge.
Thelema Now!  Guest: Vere Chappell (50 minutes)

Ida Craddock was a rebel, a mystic, ahead of her time and persecuted because of it.  Vere Chappell has worked to preserve her writings and tell her story. He is the author of a new book Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic: The Essential Ida Craddock.

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Thelema Now!  Guest: Steve Englehart (45 minutes)

Thelema Now is thrilled to be talking to Steve Englehart, writer for Marvel Comics. Steve has written for Captain America, The Hulk, The Avengers, Dr. Strange, and a dozen other titles. And he studied with Grady! Listen and learn.

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Thelema Now! Guest: David Shoemaker (37 minutes)

Psychologist David Shoemaker discusses editing the book The Thoth Tarot, Astrology, & Other Selected Writings, written by his late mentor Phyllis Seckler. With correspondence between Ms. Seckler and contemporary Thelemic pioneers, this book is a fascinating portrait of a teacher looking to spread the 93 Current.

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Thelema Now!  Guest: J. Daniel Gunther (42 minutes)

Everything you ever wanted to ask author J. Daniel Gunther about the your HGA and the Aeon of the New Child but were afraid to ask!

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Thelema Now! Henrik Bogdan (35 minutes)

Author and academic Henrik Bogdan discusses his new book Brother Curwen, Brother Crowley and how Western esotericism is worthy of study.  Also - save those emails!  The person who will some day write your biography will need them!

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Thelema NOW!  Guest: Vincent Jennings (36 minutes)

Filmmaker Vincent Jennings talks about making the Abbey of Thelema film, how criticism makes you stronger, and that Ron Jeremy is actually a very good actor.

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Thelema Now!  Guest: Harvey Bialy (45 minutes)

Guest Harvey Bialy, who is a writer, visual artist, biologist to name just a few, talks about putting together a Crowley-centered art show in Los Angeles, his blog, and the early days of the occult.

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Thelema Now!  Guests: J. Daniel Gunther & James Wasserman (47 minutes)

Authors J. Daniel Gunther and James Wasserman discuss what it took to create the book Pythagoras: His Life and Teachings, by Thomas Stanley. Pythagoras was first published in 1687 in Thomas Stanley's massive tome, The History of Philosophy and J. Daniel and James undertook bringing Pythagoras to the masses.

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Thelema Now!  Guest: Dr. Richard Kaczynski (38 minutes)

Author Dr. Richard Kaczynski discusses the new expanded editition of Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley. David Tibet, founder of Current 93, says, "This is the one biography that is absolutely necessary for anyone who wishes to know more about one of the most creative, seminal, and misunderstood figures of the last hundred years.” We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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Thelema Now!  Guest: Z'EV (58 minutes)

Artist and musician Z'EV talks about making mojo bags for Jello Biafra, conjuring Elementals, and Rhythm Magick.

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