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Thelema NOW! Crowley, Ritual & Magick

The U.S. Grand Lodge Thelema NOW! podcast features interviews with artists, writers, magicians, and others whose unique perspectives contribute to the modern flowering of Thelemic culture. New episodes are published roughly once a month. You can listen on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or your favorite podcast player.  

Nov 17, 2021

Jessica Grote is currently the presiding bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostic Aeterna and an advanced member of the Société Voudon Gnostique.  She is also a teacher and instructor. In her course, she will introduce you to the animistic worldview and magical practice of the Kosmic Modern Hetaera, which can enhance your existing path or form a holistic approach of its own. 

Find out more about Jessica and her upcoming courses which will illustrate how to merge your magical and mundane lives, integrate sexuality and eroticism in your magical work, and much more!