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Thelema NOW! Crowley, Ritual & Magick

The U.S. Grand Lodge Thelema NOW! podcast features interviews with artists, writers, magicians, and others whose unique perspectives contribute to the modern flowering of Thelemic culture. New episodes are published roughly once a month. You can listen on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or your favorite podcast player.  

Apr 28, 2023

In this wide-ranging interview, Scott Michael Stenwick and Harper talk about everything between John Dee and quantum mechanics, by way of Eugene Wigner and the Falkland Islands.

Scott is an author, blogger, esotericist, software developer, information technology consultant, and speculative fiction enthusiast. He writes fantasy and science fiction, and non-fiction books on the Western Esoteric Tradition. He also contributes to non-fiction anthologies that cover topics related to magical practices and esoteric spirituality.

Read more about Scott on his websites and Blogspot.  And buy the book we discussed here or on Amazon here.